Welcome to this extraordinary journey! This year,  (2020),  a long journey is coming to its end. After 9 years of long hours studying, a million of private lessons and a plethora of great memories, the time for me to graduate has arrived. XTMPI has been a home to me, a great family, a charming place where I have met the most wonderful persons that I now can proudly call my greatest friends. XTMPI is the place where I used to passed my whole afternoons, every day for years. It is my comfort place, a warm hug for all my thoughts. I always felt welcomed here, the teachers, the whole crew, my classmates, they are all truly amazing. I could not imagine my life without these experiences, without this place. This journey, includes some of the best memories i have. This website is created with the purpose to help me not forget, here I will write down my thoughts, my happiness list, my memories, my stories. Through the website I will be able to remember myself as a teenager-girl.